Harley Clutch Bearing Replacement

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Duration: 5:19

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Time to install our new Harley clutch bearing into the Barnett clutch basket. You will need a hydraulic or arbor press to complete this step. A hydraulic press may make pressing somewhat easier, but you have to be careful. It can sometimes be hard to feel what you are actually doing. An arbor press will allow you to better feel the pressing action. Use what is available or what works best for you.


Take your time setting up. It is of utmost importance that the Harley clutch bearing is started straight and that the basket is supported properly. Support the inner dimension of the basket. If you support the basket on it’s outer edge, the basket will break. Press against the bearings outer race and on it’s numbered side. Pressing against the middle or the inner race of the bearing will damage the bearing.

Do Not Over Press

Lube the outside of the bearing and start it straight, by hand, if possible. A few light taps with a plastic or rubber hammer is ok for starting the bearing. Use a press plug that fits the outer race of the bearing. A large socket will work well depending on the thickness of its outer wall.
Press in straight until bottomed. Once resistance is felt, do not try pressing any further, you will break the basket. After the Harley clutch bearing is fully seated, inspect it for any binding or rough feel. Install the retaining ring with the tapered side facing out (flat side against the bearing) and the bearing installation is complete.

Next, we will go back to the press to install the Scorpion clutch hub into the bearing/basket.