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Harley Compensator Sprocket Removal

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The instructions for Baker’s compensator sprocket kit upgrade are straightforward and easy to understand. As usual, Fix My Hog suggests that a factory service manual is also available for reference for the Harley compensator sprocket removal.


Bob begins by draining the primary drive oil and removing the outer primary cover. You can use a baking tray, or something similar to catch the residual oil that will drip from the inner primary and the drive assembly. It is highly recommended that the stock 9/16-12 compensator bolt be heated with MAP gas prior to removal to soften and weaken the factory Loctite patch that was applied to the threads of the long compensator bolt during assembly at the factory. It should take at least 2 or 3 minutes of evenly applied heat to soften the Loctite. Without the use of this heat, the Loctite may break into pieces as the bolt is being removed. These broken fragments of Loctite can be very abrasive and can damage bolt and shaft threads. This, absolutely, must be avoided, so take your time when heating this Harley compensator sprocket bolt when performing Harley compensator sprocket removal.


Retract the primary chain adjuster shoe and retain it with a long tie wrap, or two smaller tie wraps. Next, you will need a drive locker to keep the drive from turning as you break the Harley compensator sprocket bolt free. If a drive locker is unavailable, you can use a piece of flat metal stock, cut to the appropriate length, in order to hold the drive. We often use a tire spoon that has been cut to match the length of the factory tool. Now, with the drive locked and the Harley compensator sprocket bolt heated, use a breaker bar with a T-70 torx to break loose and remove the compensator bolt. After the bolt is removed, remove the rest of the compensator assembly. None of the assembly will be reused.

Cleanning is Important when performing Harley Compensator Sprocket Removal

The next important step is cleaning the sprocket shaft threads. You can use a 9/16-12 thread chaser or tap. If a tap is used, be extremely careful that you are only removing residual Loctite and not damaging any of the shaft threads in any way. Clean out loosened Loctite with brake clean and compressed air. With the stock compensating drive assembly removed and the sprocket shaft cleaned and prepped, we are ready to begin assembly of our Baker compensator assembly upgrade.