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Baker Compensator Install

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Bob is almost ready to begin assembly of the Baker compensator assembly upgrade. First, the engine crank shaft internal threads must be thoroughly cleaned. Baker recommends that the threads are chased with either a 9/16 – 12 bottoming tap, or with a 9/16 – 12 thread chaser. Be very careful not to damage any of the internal shaft threads when doing this. The threads must not be distorted or chafed in any way. The goal here is to only to remove and wash away the original thread locking patch applied during original assembly at the factory. If the original lock patch is left behind, the hardened material can be very abrasive. It can damage the motor shaft threads or the threads of the new Baker compensator bolt. Also, you may not have a correct torque reading upon final installation.


During and after chasing the crankshaft threads, it is important to thoroughly clean the threads with brake cleaner and compressed air. Continue cleaning until there are no traces of the previous factory thread locker.

At this point, it is possible to begin the installation of the shaft extension and sprocket. It is much easier, however, if the primary chain adjuster assembly is removed. Removing this allows for more slack in the primary chain and less struggle during installation. It is also completely acceptable to remove, both, the primary chain adjuster and the clutch assembly. Approaching the install this way adds more steps, but is completely acceptable and makes crankshaft / crankshaft extension alignment nearly effortless.

Apply a light coat of primary oil to the sprocket bore, cam lobes, and shaft extension journal; then install the shaft extension and sprocket by locating the shaft extension over the motor crank shaft and engaging the sprocket with the primary chain. Next, install the cam slider and spring cup.

Apply some red Loctite to the supplied Baker compensator bolt and thread in by hand. The assembly is on the motorcycle. Next Bob will walk us through the correct torque process for the compensator bolt.