Harley Countershaft and Main Drive Bearing Install

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This video shows Harley countershaft bearing installation. Use a new bearing and follow these steps. Once done you can install the main drive gear bearing. Follow along with Bob and these steps to make sure the job is done correctly.

A very important note. If you are installing a JIMS Fat 5, it is best to remove the Fork Shaft Hole at this time. See that in the Harley Fork Shaft Hole Removal chapter and follow these steps:

1) With the case empty now is the time to remove the fork shaft hole on the right side of the case.

2) Tape trap door flat holes, except for the top three, speed sensor and mounting screw bores, transmission top cover, shifter drum support screw bores, transmission drain hole bore, main drive gear bearing bore, countershaft needle bearing bore, fork shaft bore, shifter shaft bore before you remove fork shaft hole. Remove the allocation and clean the case.

3) See more in the Harley Fork Shaft Hole Removal chapter.

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