Harley Engine Install

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Duration: 9:21

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In this video we take a look at bolting the Harley engine (Twin Cam) into the new Paughco frame. There are a number of ways to safely achieve getting the motor from the engine stand/bench into the cradle of the frame. You can use an electric hoist or a come along from a boom, or beam above. You can lift the motor into place with the help of one ir two friends. You can even suspend the engine and introduce the frame over it. What you decide to do will obviously be determined by what you have access to and what will be easiest without compromising any areas of the motor or frame.

Careful Placement

The Harley engine must be installed into the frame from the right side of the motorcycle. It is very important to protect the frame, the engine case/fins, and anything else that is still assembled with the motor or installed on the frame such as the stator plug, crank position sensor, rear brake line etc. Anything that can be potentially damaged should be covered with tape, towels, foam, rubber. It is very important to plan ahead and be prepared. Once you begin moving the engine into the frame, you may not be able to backtrack or reposition to avoid scratching or damaging an area.

As Bob mentions; “make a plan and stick to it”.

Prepped and Ready

Have your hardware ready. Cleaned and prepped with threadlocker. Use a flat jack/scissor jack positioned under the cradle of the frame with a block of wood. Once the Harley engine is in position, this will aid you in maneuvering the motor so that the motor mounts can be correctly aligned.

Loosely install the front motor mount bolts with spacers properly orientated. Then loosely install the top motor mount. Draw everything down evenly using the flat jack to obtain the necessary alignment. Once the transmission is installed, you can final tighten your hardware to factory torque specs.

A frame swap, or Harley engine swap should not be beyond the potential of the average wrench. Be prepared with a thought out – predetermined plan and your service manual. You can tackle the job correctly from start to completion.