Harley Ignition Switch Tip

Duration: 3:22

Bob LaRosa takes a moment to review a common question he gets. Why does my Harley ignition switch give me trouble?

He admits it’s a trick question because it might not be the ignition switch at all. You’ll have to look at the wiring harness as a whole and the charging system.

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6 Responses to “Harley Ignition Switch Tip”
  1. mark lewis
    mark lewis

    ya made ignition switch failure waaaaaaaaay too complicated. if switch has time/miles, like 108,000 miles on my ’01 FLSTC, then it’s probably the switch.

    OK, check battery connections first, but then pull the dash, unplug switch wiring, remove switch, take out keeper-ring, & disassemble the switch. chances are you’ll find all kindsa gunk in contact area. take some ever present brake parts cleaner, paper towel, spray down all parts & dry. during re-assemble, put di-electric grease on spring-loaded contact buttons, a little H-D Super Lube on cover hinge, inside lockset, and other metal-to-metal surfaces, re-assemble, bolt back in dash, re-connect wiring, install dash. about 1 hour time.

    now test it, & good possibility no more switch issues. not really a rebuild, but a cleanout. save$ $$$ installing new ignition switch.

    just saying….

  2. William

    Ticket 17099 I have a 2009 Heritage Classic Softtail and I want to attach a mp3/Bluetooth player identified to be for this bike. The wiring diagram has a Positive wire, Negative wire, and an ignition wire. Connecting the Pos and Neg wire no problem. However, I do not know how or where to connect the ignition wire. Please advise. Thank you for your time.

  3. Tori D McDivitt
    Tori D McDivitt

    Harley’s are known for problems with the ignition switch! I have replaced mine twice and the second one (my current one) I have to keep a piece of cardboard under it so it works! I can be riding along and my bike just dies! The parts in the switch are loose and don’t keep a connection! It’s dangerous when you are jumping out into traffic and your bike dies half way there! I have had this issue since the bike was brand new and it’s a 2013 Softail. Check the battery first and the connection in the ignition second.