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Installing Your Softail Oil Tank

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Let’s look at Twin Cam Softail oil tank installation. It is necessary to replace the steel oil line o-rings and spacers in preparation for reinserting the lines back into the oil tank. Each line end will need two o-rings and a plastic spacer which is installed (and sold) with a plastic installation tool. These o-rings are relied upon to seal the oil traveling between the tank and the oil line(s). It is vital that they are installed correctly. Bob and Mark demonstrate, in this video, the proper way to use the plastic installation tool for properly seating these o-rings & spacer. If the tank is still attached to your Harley, make sure to watch our video on twin cam Harley oil tank removal.

Bob takes a minute to review the Softail oil tank mounting points. If the rear mounting speed clips are worn, they should be replaced. They are a cheap, yet important area for property mounting the oil tank. It is important to start all mounting hardware by hand. Do not cross thread any of the mounting points. If any of the threaded mounting bungs are stripped and can not be repaired, the oil tank will need to be replaced. This can be a somewhat expensive error.

When sliding the Softail oil tank back into position, you will need to snake the battery positive cable and oil drain line back into their correct, original, position. Next, install your mounting hardware. Start at the top mounting bracket and then move to the back side of the tank. Thread all of this hardware into its correct location(s) loosely, by hand.

Install your rubber oil drain line and feed line with new factory style squeeze clamps. Then move on to inserting the return and feed lines into the Softail oil tank. Use a little clean oil for ease of assembly. The oil will aid in keeping the o rings from twisting or being pinched when inserting the steel lines.

Now, with all of the hardware properly installed, and the tank resting in its natural position, you can evenly snug, then tighten all hardware to the correct factory torque specs. Finish by reinstalling the splash guard, battery pad, battery, and of course fresh oil. It is recommended that you also complete this project by installing a new oil filter.

Correct softail oil tank fitting and installation is vital for you motorcycle’s proper performance and engine protection. Follow along with Bob and Mark in this video; you will find installation to be a project you can take on at home.

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