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Performance Cobra Exhaust Install

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We have already installed a fuel management system and performance air cleaner assembly on this motorcycle. The last segment of our three part performance upgrade is the installation of the performance Cobra exhaust system, including Cobra’s PowrPort Crossover.

Lay Everything Out

Before beginning installation, inspect any parts, or hardware that are to be reused. Exhaust flanges and flange clips should be replaced if they are, no longer, in good working order. You will need to swap over your O2 sensors and use new exhaust seals.

Hang Loose

It is very important that the entire Cobra exhaust system is hung loosely on the motorcycle before anything is tightened.

*NOTE* When installing the mid bracket to the transmission side door, always clean the bolts and their locations thoroughly and prep with a little red Loctite. It is common for these bolts to vibrate loose from constant vibration creating a transmission fluid leak. Do the same for the crossover bracket located under the motorcycle, behind the oil pan. Loosely install the entire exhaust onto the motorcycle. Do not begin snug or tightening any hardware until the the exhaust is completely installed and resting uniformly on the motorcycle.

Front to Back

Start tightening the exhaust at the cylinder heads, then work your way down and back. Focus on tightening everything as evenly as possible. Final tighten all hardware to the factory torque specs found in your service manual.

*NOTE* Always start threading the Cobra exhaust stud nuts by hand.

When tightening the nuts onto the exhaust studs, try using a 1/2″ shallow socket on a long wobble extension. Finally, complete this job by routing and securing the O2 plugs/harness and install the chrome heat shields.

Take a minute to review and make one final inspection. Wipe up, and you are ready to enjoy feeling, seeing and hearing the benefits of your performance upgrade. Let’s wrap it all up and hear it!

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