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Saddlemen Saddlebag Installation

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Bob LaRosa shows how to add some storage to your Harley with this Saddlemen saddlebag installation video. He reminds us to reference your factory service manual along with Saddlemen’s supplied instructions. It is always good practice, almost essential, to lay out all of the parts you will be using. Have them laid out in front of you so you can familiarize yourself with everything, as you read through the directions.

There are two different length studs supplied with this installation kit. Be certain to use the correct length studs for your application. Also, make sure you set the studs to the correct depths, into the fender mounts. Do not allow the studs to pertrude through the fender mounts further than the depth of the stock hardware. Be aware not to set the stud too deep into the stand off, as the quick detach pins will not function properly.

As always, Bob reminds us to cover all painted and chrome areas. You never want to damage part of your motorcycle while you are improving another.

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