TC 103 Harley Fuel Management System Upgrade

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Duration: 9:02

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Install the Cobra Fi2000 Power Pro on your ride and it’s like having your own, built-in Dyno to analyze your bike’s performance and constantly tune your air/fuel ratio for optimum performance.

Plug & Boost

The Power Pro fuel injection control module is plug & play. Very simple to install in just a few easy steps. Have your battery ground disconnected and remove your fuel tank. Neatly, route the Power Pro harness safety, and securely up the frame, toward the throttle body. Make the added, Cobra, harness blend like it is part of your factory main harness. Unplug your front and rear injectors. The Cobra harness, simply, jumps in line with the injectors and the main harness. Route the Cobra O2 sensor plugs into the right, side cover area; where the O2 sensors plug into the main harness. Again, the Cobra harness jumps in line to optimize Harley fuel management. Plug & play – Easy.

No Maps

Power Pro uses the latest smart chip technology for Harley fuel management to continuously read your bikes EFI delivery up to 80 times per second. That means, no more mapping! No matter which components you change in the future, whether it’s a new exhaust system, a different air cleaner assembly, or even building up your motor.

Easy to Route

Power Pro optimizes Harley fuel management and delivery at all throttle openings, under every type of load and any environmental conditions for maximum acceleration and performance. Bob demonstrates this simple install and gives us tips on safety/securely routing the harness, along with a nice clear view of the install.

The Cobra Fi2000 is an excellent performance upgrade for your motorcycle’s fuel injection system.