The EPA and You: Interview with Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine

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Will the EPA come after me if I change my exhaust?

If I get pulled over, will the cops know I have a Stage 1 kit on my motorcycle?

All things to consider when we do any upgrades to your Harley-Davidsons. Bob LaRosa and Dennis Santopietro sit down with Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine to talk about possible legal issues of customization.

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10 Responses to “The EPA and You: Interview with Chris Maida from American Iron Magazine”
  1. Charles Giordano

    “Those days will come to a close..” only if we allow them to. Remember boys, the government works for us. There’s a nifty little outfit called the AMA who works hard for motorcyclists rights. I suggest you all have a look at the organization and consider joining. And I suggest since you guys get more air time than I do, you remember to mention them from time to time. I for one am not swallowing the government kool-Aid just yet.
    C.F. Giordano, Tailgunner USA / Von Braun Exhaust

  2. Charles Giordano

    Hi again guys. I just read Jeff Hennie’s article on page 30 of the new American Iron Magazine. He describes how the people of Maricopa county in AZ were successful in ridding the books of a badly written law regarding motorcycle emission testing. In his story, Mr. Hennie writes “This is the story of what happens when a small group of dedicated individuals decide to take their freedom back. It’s a uniquely American experience to change laws. Think about it for a second. You have the ability as a citizen of the United states of America to change the law of the land….” Now, I don’t mean to beat you guys up here, but jeez, I wish that rather than taking such a defeatist attitude, and laying down so obediently you’d of show a little chutzpah and tried to rally the troops. This is not only about our freedoms, it’s also about our individuality, livelihoods and for some in the industry, our families. Come on now, Chin up, chest out, gut in…

    • FixMyHog

      Hi Charles, Thank you for the comment and heart felt reply. Chris and everyone at AIM and all us here at Fix My Hog work with several motorcycle advocacy groups to protect our rights. AIM’s Protect Your Rights page is written by Jeff Hennie VP government relations for the MRF. I read the article as how riders in the state changed the law to protect riders in Maricopa. Bikers “did three things – they got pissed off, got fired up, and got working” So we continue to do what we do. If you ride in CA, like I do, and you can be fined for aftermarket or performance products but you can still do it. Just understand that it’s an ongoing fight to not be ticketed or fined for doing it. No defeat here, only the fight for what is right.

  3. Louie

    Hey Guys,
    I always say
    ” It ain’t broke but by god there going ta fix it”
    I m one of those guys that has slight mod. and puts on
    8000 a year. I scoot pretty
    fast, I hope officers leave me alone
    Great Chat

  4. sam curatolo

    great interview….one question…..if I live in ohio and ride to California will I be fined for modifications that don’t comply with California law

    • Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Sam, Good question. If I have to wear a helmet in CA and ride into AZ I can take it off but crossing from AZ to CA I have to put it on.

      • sam curatolo

        soi guess what your saying is you have to coply with the state law your ridng in

        • Dennis Santopietro

          No, just know the risk via research. Just like heading to Laconia, NH and having apes higher than a set limit for NH but it’s OK in ME, VT, MA, CT. Do you change your handlebars to go or know that if you get pulled over you can get a ticket?


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