Under the Harley Davidson Trike

Duration: 3:29

Bob LaRosa and the crew bring us under the secure and safe Harley Davidson Trike. Bob points out the exhaust, auxiliary drive motor (reverse), cables, drive sprocket, belt, shocks, swing arm assembly, rear axle adjusters, and parking brake. With the trike in the air it’s a good time to do any cleaning and inspection of the drive belt.

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6 Responses to “Under the Harley Davidson Trike”
  1. Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson

    I’m getting to the third reverse motor on my trike, my ext. warranty has run out, I need some help, I tried taping the selinoid on the motor and it wanted to work, then nothing, can just the selinoid be replaced? Where to get it , the Harley shop only wants to replace, couple K.

  2. manuel salazar
    manuel salazar

    Where can I get a manual to change fluids and do maintenance on my 2007 Road King Champion trike conversion

  3. rich trout
    rich trout

    Many trike owners i know complain their reverse has a lot of problems engaging even when new. Is this a factory defect or does the connection have problems often?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Rich,

      The reverse on a Harley Davidson Trike works fine when used correctly.
      Many riders try reversing up inclines or over load the bike with luggage and a passenger and still proceed to engage reverse.
      Another common reason for reverse failure is a weak battery.
      Continuously using reverse with a weak battery is damaging to to electrical components of the reverse assembly.

      Hope this helps,
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