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In The Shop: Trike Body Removal

If you own a Harley Davidson Tri-Glide, it is inevitable that you will eventually encounter the need to remove the motorcycle’s body. Muffler or exhaust system replacement is the most common example of a time that the trike body will need to be removed. Although the body is large and cumbersome, removal is fairly easy…

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Harley Davidson Not Starting

I have a 2010 ultra classic with ABS. It is not starting. The battery voltage is 12.75 off the battery. When I turn the main switch on, I get a drop to 12.5, and when the kill switch is turned on, I get a drop to 12.38. The self test goes out and hit the…

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In The Shop:Tri-Glide Rear Lift Kit and Shocks

There are far fewer Harley Davidson Tri-Glides on the road as there are Softail, Dyna, & two wheel FLH/FLT models. It is not frequent that we have trikes roll In The Shop for something other than basic maintenance or repair. That’s why, we were excited to have the opportunity to install Legend’s Tri-Glide rear lift…

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In The Shop: Tri Glide Reverse System Diagnostic Tips

Tri Glide Reverse System Diagnostic Tips In our last, In The Shop, we gave you a working overview of the Tri Glide reverse system. This month, we continue by reviewing a preliminary, basic, diagnostic overview for determining reverse failure on Tri Glide models. Much testing can be completed with, only, a test light and a…

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In The Shop: Trike Reverse System Overview

Back It Up! Harley Reverse Issues We have had a lot of questions come into Fix My Hog concerning Tri Glide reverse issues. We wanted to share what we have learned about this system. Hopefully it will help our members have a better understanding of the assembly and be able to diagnose issues that may…

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Trike Videos

Most of your videos are for 2 wheelers. What do you have available for the trike? Via Email Thank you. We have some Trike videos in the Maintenance section and the front of the motorcycle can be viewed in the Touring section. We plan to add more soon. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Trike Maintenance…

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