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In The Shop: Dyna Oil Pan

We seem to replace just as many Dyna oil pan gaskets as we do for Touring models. Sometimes a Dyna oil pan is removed to properly install an over size drain plug when drain plug threads have been stripped or damaged (there are two drain plugs on every Touring and… Read More

In The Shop: Inner Primary Bearing and Race Failure

A problem that had become increasingly more common since around 2008 is inner primary bearing and bearing race failure. Until this time, bearing and race replacement was more commonly performed as preventive maintenance. In The Shop, we would commonly replace the bearing when performing jobs like belt and pulley replacement,… Read More

2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard First Look

(6 Fast Facts) Don Williams Aiming at both budget-minded big-inch cruiser fans, as well as serious customizers, the new 2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard is all about presenting buyers with a basic motorcycle at an attractive price—$13,599 MSRP. Although it’s easy to… Read More

In The Shop: Failed Throw Our Bearing

Failed Throw Out Bearing & 5 Speed Transmission R&R The same Harley Davidson five speed transmission was standard, in every Big Twin model, for nearly a quarter decade until 2007 (2006 Dyna models). These constant mesh transmissions are very robust and have stood the test of time. With only simple,… Read More

Ride and Rally: A Choppy Ride

Chop and Ride My obsession with Harley Davidson started at a young age riding on the back of my uncle’s Fatboy and listening to stories about Sturgis. Luckily for me my interested turned obsession coincided with the custom motorcycle boom in the early 2000’s. The faces of Jesse James,… Read More

Tell Us Your Harley Story

Harley-Davidson has been an American icon since 1903, and there have been generations of riders on the roads before us. In many cases, we become riders because of these older generations. Our parents, grandparents, or other family members introduced us to the lifestyle at a young age. It’s not just… Read More

Rocking the Grand Canyon

There’s something unique about seeing the world from the seat of a Harley Davidson. Ask anyone to try to explain it and you’ll likely get the same answer. A long winded explanation that only really proves that the feeling we get from riding our bikes cannot be explained. That feeling… Read More

In The Shop: Trike Body Removal

If you own a Harley Davidson Tri-Glide, it is inevitable that you will eventually encounter the need to remove the motorcycle’s body. Muffler or exhaust system replacement is the most common example of a time that the trike body will need to be removed. Although the body is large… Read More