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In The Shop: Cam Chain Tensioners

Videos on Inspection and Repair: Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe Video Project Cam Gear Drive Conversion Video Project Not an Issue with M8 Motors but here’s a Cam Swap Project video series. Cam Chain Tensioners Twin Cams from 1999 through 2006 (expect for the 2006 Dyna) – Harley Davidson’s cam chain tensioners on their Twin Cam…

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Harley Unveils Patriotic Paint for Road Glide Special

(Only 1500 Available) by: Ron Lieback Harley-Davidson kept the press busy in February, The Motor Company unveiling the Fat Boy 30th Anniversary, CVO Road Glide and the Softail Standard. The Milwaukee-Based company launched more special editions this week, debuting a patriotic two-tone paint scheme on its Road Glide Special models. The factory-installed paint will be…

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In The Shop: Valve Spring Replacement

If you are interested in a cam upgrade on your Harley Davidson, it is vitally important that the manufacturer’s instructions are scrutinized over. If stock Harley pistons are still being utilized, valve to piston clearance needs to be checked. S&S recommends, at least, .060″ clearance for intake valve clearance and, at least, .080″ clearance for…

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In The Shop: Starting Issues

We have a lot of questions come in to us concerning starting issues on older, Evolution model, Harley Davidsons. Not only do we see a lot of these questions on the website, but we frequently have these jobs In The Shop. Although there are a large number of issues that will keep a bike from…

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Helmet – Skull to Full Face

I’m like a crocodile or more like a slug when it comes to evolution. I’m slow to change my riding ways. I don’t think I’m old school but when my 14 year old son says something like “Yeah man that’s so old, it’s from like the ’80s.” Ouch, those were some of my prime time…

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In The Shop: Dyna Oil Pan

We seem to replace just as many Dyna oil pan gaskets as we do for Touring models. Sometimes a Dyna oil pan is removed to properly install an over size drain plug when drain plug threads have been stripped or damaged (there are two drain plugs on every Touring and Dyna model oil pan). Sometimes…

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In The Shop: Inner Primary Bearing and Race Failure

A problem that had become increasingly more common since around 2008 is inner primary bearing and bearing race failure. Until this time, bearing and race replacement was more commonly performed as preventive maintenance. In The Shop, we would commonly replace the bearing when performing jobs like belt and pulley replacement, transmission shift arm replacement, or…

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2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard First Look

(6 Fast Facts) Don Williams Aiming at both budget-minded big-inch cruiser fans, as well as serious customizers, the new 2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard is all about presenting buyers with a basic motorcycle at an attractive price—$13,599 MSRP. Although it’s easy to call the Softail Standard a stripped-down model, it’s fully rideable and looking good right…

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