Barnett Cables: A Closer Look

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Barnett Cables Fit Your Needs

Clutch and throttle cables are one of the most overlooked parts of your motorcycle while in reality, they’re critical pieces of equipment that need to be maintained and replaced to ensure your motorcycle is operating perfectly. Barnett cables are designed for your Harley Davidson. They are made here in the US, since 1948, and have multiple offerings and features.

Barnett cables come in traditional black vinyl, stainless steel braid, platinum series braid, and stealth black on black.

All the Barnett cables come with a protective clear coating that is guaranteed to stop discoloration due to sun exposure.

Since 1987 Barnett has included a nylon coating and silicone lubed inner wire for an extremely smooth pull with reduced lever effort resulting in longer more comfortable riding.

They have taken it one step further with the Barnett cable housings being lined to ensure maximum durability and smooth performance.

On the clutch side, Barnett also offers replacement Harley Davidson cables with the traditional midway adjuster instead of the self adjusting mechanism on newer models.

It’s not only about maintenance though, with so many handlebar manufacturers on the market, stock length cables are a poor choice. They will typically run too short causing safety hazards or too long and ruin the front end look of the bike with a long cable protruding.

These cables can be made in custom lengths for throttle cables, clutch cables and plug and play cable extensions for throttle by wire, to get the perfect fit and look no matter your ride.

If you’re looking to do that big handlebar swap or replacing your old gunky cables, be sure to do it properly with quality cables from Barnett made right here in the USA.

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