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With the 2013 Street Bob clutch assembly on the bench, we have a clear view of the clutch basket, hub, Harley clutch pack and bearing. We also have the opportunity to see the difference between Harley’s stock assembly and the Barnett clutch assembly.

Built Strong

The Barnett assembly is visually tougher and actually has a completely different way of applying pressure to the clutch pack. The Harley assembly uses a pressure plate and a large diaphragm style spring. The Barnett clutch assembly uses a thick billet pressure plate and 6 smaller springs. These springs are available in different strengths identified by color. This makes it possible to choose how much clutch pack pressure you want depending on your particular application.


Barnett gives us a different options for upgrade. You can make, only, the clutch basket upgrade and continue to use the stock clutch hub, clutch pack, and ring gear. If your ring gear is excessively worn, you can use the Barnett clutch basket and ring gear with the stock Harley Davidson clutch hub / clutch pack.

Take Note

Next, we will be setting up our clutch assembly and prepare to install it back onto the Street Bob.

**If reusing your stock clutch, be sure to inspect closely. The steel plates need to be completely flat and not warped in any way. If any of the steel plates have blue coloring, they have been over heated from clutch slip. Inspect the clutch fiber plates. Confirm that there is adequate fiber material and that the plates have not been damaged. It is very important to keep the stock clutch pack in it’s correct order. Note that the fiber plate, on the bottom of the pack, is more narrow than the other fibers. There is also a large spacer and a large concave / convex spring. Keep this assembly in order. If things get confused, reference your service manual to get back on track.**

You can go for the whole show and use strictly Barnett. This is, obviously, the ideal way to go if your budget allows. It is preferable, but not necessary to replace the clutch hub bearing. If reusing, it is important to inspect before and after pressing the bearing into the clutch basket.

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