Harley Alarm Sensitivity Setting

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There are a number of TSSM settings that a rider has the option of setting different modes, or preferences. In this video clip, Bob demonstrates how to set your preference for the Harley alarm sensitivity.

There are four Harley alarm sensitivity settings:
Extremely Low, Low, Medium, or High.

The selection picked controls the sensitivity of the security system in regards to motion detection. The rider should choose the setting that best suits where the motorcycle is most frequently parked or stored.

For example: if the motorcycle is to be parked in an industrial area or near a busy street, it may be best to set the Harley alarm sensitivity to a lower setting to avoid annoying false alarms. The setting can be changed as many times and as often as desired.

Harley owners should also be aware of Auto-Arming Function and Storage Mode. Auto-Arming causes the system to automatically arm itself (no key FOB present) within 30 seconds after the ignition key is turned off. During this period, the security lamp stays on solid to indicate Auto-Arming is starting up. Motorcycles sold in North America have Auto-Arming disabled by default. However, the feature may be enabled if the owner desires.

Storage Mode is a special mode used for long term storage. This mode prevents the security system from draining the battery after a prolonged period of days (typically more than 30 days)without any activity.

Take the time to learn about your Harley Davidson. Whether by using your manual, reading online information, or directly talking to somebody at the dealership. There are changes you can make to your settings that you may not know existed.

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4 Responses to “Harley Alarm Sensitivity Setting”
  1. rod

    I have a 2009 softail custom the other day I went to start it as it had been stored for 2 months as soon as I attempted to start the alarm went off so I then changed both fob batterys ythen I tried again same problem so I put in my 5 digit pass code and now gikes starts but when I turn bike off then it goes back to the orginal fault could it be that the fobs have to be reprogrammed

  2. Forest

    I bought mine with the security system and it has the Farb but all my “is blank likes or say and her pan how do I make the alarm sound off Do you not really been on us through much of me says all that takes a different security system makes me wonder what I paid extra for


      i am not completely sure what you are saying…i believe that you have a few typos…but the harley alarm system on my 2018 fatboy and 2017 rd glide ..did NOT come with the siren.you must install that.you can get an aftermarket plug and play siren on ebay for $20…same as a HD siren.