Harley Digital Speedo Removal

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Removing the Harley digital speedo head from your Softail dash is simple. However, care must be taken not to damage anything in the process.

There are a few reasons why you may need to remove your speedometer. Replacing/changing/painting your dash, changing /upgrading your speedo, or maybe, adding a decorative trim to your dash. Always disconnect your battery ground before lifting your dash assembly. The plug on your ignition switch has a constant current of twelve volts which originates at the main fuse or breaker. Do not risk damage or injury by working in this area while still powered up.

Unbolt your dash and unplug electrical plugs to release the dash from the main harness. Plugs will vary between models. Unscrew the odometer reset/trip knob. Set the dash on your workbench on a soft, clean towel or cloth.

The Harley digital speedo is retained to the bottom of the dash with a large nylon/plastic retainer. Carefully pry back on the locking sections to free the retainer from the speedo/dash.

Now, you can push the speedo head up through the top of the dash. Reinstall in reverse.

Glass cleaner is helpful when pushing the Harley digital speedo back through the rubber mount/seal. The unit can only be installed one way, as the nylon retainer locates over dowels located on the bottom of the dash. This sets the speedo perfectly straight inside the dash.

Plug in all electrical and orientate back to its original locations. Verify that your dash trim is secure and correctly positioned under the edges of the dash.

Removing your speedometer can be easy. Take your time. Be patient. Do the job perfectly, one time.