Harley Key FOB

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If your Harley is equipped with a TSSM (Security), you will be able to enable and disable security alarm and immobilization functions with a remote, personally carried transmitter. This transmitter is referred to as a key FOB.

If your Harley key FOB is ever lost, damaged, or stolen, you can easily assign a new key FOB to your Harley. It is also possible to have two FOBs assigned at once. Bob demonstrates the assignment sequence in this video. The process is beyond simple. It is an excellent idea to have an extra FOB assigned for back up, but it is not completely necessary.

It is necessary, however, to assign your own personal pin number to your motorcycle. If a code is not assigned or recorded and the Harley key FOB is lost or damaged while the vehicle is armed, the TSSM must be replaced.

The TSSM code consists of five digits. Each digit can be any number from 1 to 9. The personal code must be used to disarm the security system in case the Harley key FOB becomes unavailable. Harley uses the same five digit pin for all TSSM equipped motorcycles. This pin must be changed upon ownership to a personal code. Harley’s initial pin code number is, 3-1-3-1-3.

How to enter an initial Pin

1- select a 5 digit number and record it. (Owner’s manual is a good place)
2- with an assigned FOB present, set engine stop switch to off.
3- cycle ignition, on-off-on-off-on
4- press left turn signal 2X
5- press right turn signal button 1X
6- enter first digit of pin # by pressing left turn signal button __X
7- press right turn signal button 1X
8- enter 2nd digit w/ left turn signal button.
9- press right turn signal 1X
10- enter 3rd digit (left switch)
11- press right
12- enter 4th (left switch)
13- press right
14- enter 5th digit (left switch)
15- press right
16- turn ignition off.

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23 Responses to “Harley Key FOB”
  1. Ted Hawkins
    Ted Hawkins

    So what are my options on my 08 street? It doesn’t have a button fob. Yeah, I lost it and I do not have the number for it. Does the whole alarm system have to be replaced?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi, Ted. If you never set your own personal pin code; the default factory code should work.
      If the code was ever changed, it will not and you will have to bring m/c to the dealership.
      Here is how to enter the code:

      1 Set Engine Stop Switch to OFF.

      2 Turn Ignition Switch to IGNITION.

      3 Hold both turn signals until confirmation.
      (Security lamp blinks at fast rate and “0- –
      – – ” is displayed in the odometer.
      System is ready for PIN entry. The first digit will flash.)

      4 Enter first digit of code (3) by pressing left turn switch 3 times.

      5 Press right turn switch 1 time.

      6 Enter second digit of code (1) by pressing
      left turn switch 1 time.

      7 Press right turn switch 1 time.

      8 Enter third digit of code (3) by pressing
      left turn switch 3 times.

      9 Press right turn switch 1 time.

      10 Enter fourth digit of code (1) by pressing left turn switch 1 time.

      11 Press right turn switch 1 time.

      12 Enter fifth digit of code (3) by pressing left turn switch 3 times.

      11 Press right turn switch 1 time

      Security lamp stops blinking and the odo- System is disarmed.
      meter displays miles.

      * This must be done within two seconds of turning the Ignition Switch to IGNITION. If system issues a warning before the security system flashes at a fast rate, then cycle Ignition Switch OFF until security key icon flashes at a 2.5 second rate before re-attempting.


  2. jrlacyjr

    I have a 2011 Road Glide Ultra with 2 factory key fobs.
    I bought the bike new in 2011, the fobs have never been or dropped and I have changed the batteries almost every other year.
    This past December I tested my backup fob which worked in September now does not work, checked battery (2.9 volts), replaced with new and still did not work. Took h eboke to HD and they sold me a new fob saying the original was defective.
    Now it’s March, I rode with the remaining original fob last week and was fine, went to ride Thursday (3/30/17) and it did not work, checked battery (3.0 volts), replaced with new battery and still did not work. So the new replacement fob does still work, I ask the HD do the fobs have a life span?
    Told the service writer what was happening and he never heard of such an issue. I have always kept the fobs away from my cell phone and other key fobs (cars) as well portable electronics.
    Have you had any experience with this?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      No. We have nor heard of FOBs “going bad”. Most commonly, people install the batteries wrong or may experience RF interference.
      Make sure you try your in-op FOB in different locations. May be some type of interference in your garage?
      Also, make sure that your security antenna is in its OE location and that a metal base seat has not been installed.


  3. robert powell
    robert powell

    the Fob for my 2010 flhtk does not hav a button. Have one from the internet. haw do I program it to my bike?

  4. Matthew

    Hi first time question, if the FOB becomes un-synced, how can you resync the FOB with the Harley if the battery and device itself are good? How do they differ from a rubber button FOB to a no button FOB?

  5. Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson

    I have two FOB’s. What to do with the spare?
    If needed, having the second FB at home isn’t a help.
    I carry the second FOB hidden n the bike but with the battery reversed.
    If needed, I can just flip the battery around. Then I have a working FOB.

  6. Missy

    What do you do if you lost the key and fob…on the same bike in your video? And you don’t know the pin.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Missy!

      That’s a great question!

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  7. Oscar

    Can you please tell me how you can configure an additional Key Fob to a Sportster since the Key Fob has no button to press?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Oscar,

      What is the make, model and year you’re working with?

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  8. Peter Benadick
    Peter Benadick

    How do you use the key fob on a 2003 fatboy? Do you hold the button down for a few seconds to set the alarm,? Then to inactivate it just hit the button once more?

  9. Ziad Moraly
    Ziad Moraly

    When I bought my 2017 harley Softtail breakout, I got 1 Fob and the dealer kept the other one.
    I lost mine and bought another one and programed it at the dealer.
    now I got my other FOB that was with the dealer and it’s not working on my bike, I changed the battery, in both sides and still not working.
    My FOB doesn’t have a button, so can I program it at home or I need to take it to the dealer?