Harley Safety Check

Duration: 3:02

A pre-ride Harley safety check is always important, especially after a thorough service where many areas of your motorcycle have been taken apart/serviced or adjusted.

During a service, there are many areas of your motorcycle you will be paying more attention to (inspecting) that may be typically overlooked, but don’t forget about your daily pre-ride checklist before setting out on the road.

This should include, but not be limited to:

  • Tire pressures/condition
  • Fr. & Rr. brake lever function/feel
  • Electrical functions – hi/low beam, Fr & Rr brake light, running lights, fender tip lamps, signals, indicators, horn, belt condition.
    Fuel lines/fittings
  • Brake lines/fittings pads & rotors
  • Mirrors & windshield
  • Never hit the road without, first, performing a pre-ride Harley safety check. With only two wheels beneath you; nothing can be overlooked. A final inspection is the last step in every service/repair and the first step before every ride.

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