Weekend Travel Packing List

Duration: 5:22

You have 48 hours, use it and don’t let Monday wreck your Sunday!

Nate Beck walks us through a few essentials to bring on a short trip. You want to keep it light and bulk free. Your travel packing list should have some of these items on it.

Layers are your friend – wear more for the chilly AM and peel off and store the layers in your bags.

You might be able to stink through 48 hours but if not bring an extra pair of pants, shirt (part of your layers), underoos, a bandana, gloves one pair on your hands during the day and a heavier pair if cool riding at night. Night and day eye protection is a must as well.

A ziplock with a toothbrush, toothpaste, band aides, liquid bandage, ace wrap, knife, lighter, sunscreen, lip balm. A burnt face hurts.

A tweezers for mechanical and medical needs, antibiotic ointment, antacids, deodorant since a shower or jump in the river might not be an option.

A rain suite is one of the things that you are happy to have and mad when you don’t bring it.

Ride Safe, Wrench Safe and See You Down the Road.

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One Response to “Weekend Travel Packing List”
  1. Stuart

    Love the idea to use the rain gear to wrap your stuff to keep it dry! keep on riding dude!