Winter Motorcycle Storage

Duration: 7:54

Harley-Davidson Storage – long term or winter. Riding in San Diego and in New England can be different but at some point we might have to put our motorcycle into long term storage. Bob reviews the steps he feels are best practices be it Alaska or Florida but not outer space.

For more videos and tips on motorcycle storage read this Article:

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15 Responses to “Winter Motorcycle Storage”
    • PerryT

      Don’t laugh too hard… i haven’t found them in my HOG pipes… but they nested in one of my computer printers… and i was using it… so i believe it… 🙂

      • John Williams
        John Williams

        Thank God I live in Florida. I ride pretty much every day of the year. Daytona Biketoberfest now on the 17th of October and close to 90 degrees today.

    • FixMyHog

      Ya never know – would not be cool having Mickey’s playhouse blown all over the shop when you fire it up

  1. Roxanne A Rorah
    Roxanne A Rorah

    this winter storage video was very helpful. especially when the bikes are gonna be stored at my boss’s garage. and there are boards to prop it on also. and the steel wool in the end of the pipes are gonna be helpful also since there are mice that get into the shop.

  2. Jose Mejia
    Jose Mejia

    Bob you crack me up (respectfully); they way you beat our heads with your advise & common sense.

    Outstanding videos!


    Jose “Joser” Mejia

  3. Vernon Kehoss
    Vernon Kehoss

    WISCONSIN WINTER STORY.During winter storage yrs.ago,I had mice or a mouse get in the air intake on a kawa z900 under the seat . He must have carried at least a quart of corn kernels into his new abode. Needless to say in spring it would not start. IT REQUIRED COMPLETE CARB REBUILDS and NEW CLEANER,AND MANIFOLDS. Dam …

  4. Dave B
    Dave B

    Useful info especially safeguarding for rodents and mentioning prep to accommodate the desire for that nice-day winter ride.

  5. Dennis Santopietro
    Dennis Santopietro

    We see this questions often: I change all my fluids right before I store my m/c away for the winter.(oil when needed) that the proper procedure?..thx.joe…you guys really rock!! – Thanks Joe here’s our recommendation: Joe, that is definitely a good way to maintain your ride if you are storing it in a dry &, somewhat, warm, controlled environment. If the conditions are damp, cold, or constantly varying; it is better to change your fluids after the storage period is over. Condensation can be an issue if these conditions exist.

  6. Brian

    Good video! I’m storing my ’79 FLH King of the Highway at my Indy’s shop.

    Yes the shop is of course heated. I don’t think I’ll need to raise her up off the floor. They are a busy shop. Usually do normal maintenance towards the next riding season. I’m supplying my own battery tender.

    Towards the next season they will change fluids, check clutch adjustment,
    change plugs, I just changed the air filter element on the Super E carb before she went in, new battery at end of August due to some questionable wiring by “someone” maybe previous owner, I just found the bike 2-days before last Christmas and bought her as a present for me! My first Shovelhead!

    The shop has a dyno!….. I’m thinking about a dyno tune. Not so much because I want to brag about the numbers…. I just want her to run perfect.

    S&S Super Stock single plugged heads, +0.020″ forged slugs, Super E carb.,
    Head Quarters Torquer cam @ 0.465″ lift, Jim’s Powerglide Tappets, Alto clutch on 3-finger hub, true dual exhaust, she starts & idles easy, Rides good thru city traffic, a BLAST on country roads and flys down the freeway all day and night! No issues with the 4-speed transmission, OEM compensator sprocket, 24T transmission and 51T final rear sprocket.

    The previous owner had her for 27-years! Now I am the keeper of this AMF
    beautiful touring bike.