• 5:57

    Interview with Tommy Creal

    Our crew adds another experienced wrench to the FMH team. We sit down with Tommy Creal and get to know a little more about him and his work as a custom builder since his teenage years. He is the founder of Chopper College and has build several well known custom motorcycles. He also explains the…

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  • 0:58

    Stock M8 Road Glide Review

    Tommy “Clutch” Creal stops by to take us through a step by step tear down of the stock M8 Road Glide. He shares some insights on the stock Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight and how some simple cost effective upgrades will gain some horsepower and some customization. We’ll be adding each step of the way as the…

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  • 2:48

    Milwaukee 8 Performance Upgrade Setup 1

    Tommy reviews the first Milwaukee 8 performance upgrade set-up we will install with SuperTrapp, Kuryakyn, and Vance & Hines components. Up next, he gives an overview of another set-up we have then we’ll start tearing the stock parts off this Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8. Learn more about these products: SuperTrapp Kuryakyn Vance & Hines Milwaukee 8…

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  • 2:06

    Milwaukee 8 Performance Setup 2

    Tommy reviews the second Milwaukee 8 performance upgrade set-up we will install with all Vance and Hines components. Variety is the spice of life and it rings true for every Harley rider that wants to customize their Milwaukee 8. We have a lot of options out there for us and that’s a great thing. It…

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  • 37:08

    Removal of M8 Stock Harley Davidson Parts

    Tommy Creal walks us through removal of the stock Harley Davidson exhaust system and air cleaner assembly on this M8 touring model. Performance exhaust system, high flowing air cleaner assembly, and a tuner are some of the most common upgrades along with handlebar replacement. Preparation is Key As always, we begin with disconnecting the battery…

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  • 23:40

    Air Intake Upgrade to Kuryakyn Hypercharger

    In this video, Tommy covers what is probably the most popular aftermarket air cleaner for Harley Davidson, the Kuryakyn Hypercharger. Kuryakyn has offered variations of their Kuryakyn Hypercharger air cleaner assembly for decades now. The reason for this air cleaner’s popularity is quite obvious. What’s cooler than seeing baffles swing open and closed when you…

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  • 29:29

    SuperTrapp Exhaust Upgrade

    If you are chasing horsepower and torque numbers, the SuperTrapp 2:1 Fatshot Exhaust System is the exhaust system that you need to consider. This exhaust has a tunable external disc-based muffler and heat shields that provide complete coverage. As always, this SuperTrapp exhaust is made of high quality steel to make it durable and tough…

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  • 7:27

    Remapping Your Harley with the FP3 Tuner

    The Vance and Hines FP3 tuner is innovative and allows you to manage your motorcycle’s fuel system quickly and easily using only your smartphone. The FP3 tuner allows you to easily map your bike for exhaust upgrades, air cleaner upgrades, and even motor upgrades by re-calibrating your ECM via flash tuning. Download maps from the…

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  • 31:51

    Milwaukee Eight Exhaust Upgrade with V&H

    Tommy has removed the factory Milwaukee Eight exhaust system from our M8 Touring model Harley Davidson and is ready for installation of the Vance and Hines Power Duals with Eliminator 400 mufflers. Like most Vance and Hines exhaust systems, the Power Duals are an excellent combination of quality, performance, and style. These head pipes are…

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