Clutch Hub Install

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Duration: 4:57

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When pressing your clutch hub into the clutch basket bearing, set up is of utmost importance. Take time setting up your press. A little extra time spent now may save a lot of aggravation later, should something not work out or break.

Use the Right Plug

You will need a press plug on the bottom (or backside) of the basket that, not only supports the inner race of the bearing, but also has the proper inside diameter to accept the clutch hub extension as it presses in. Lube the hub and line it up straight/square by hand.

To Bottom Not Through It

Center your upper press plug and begin pressing until more resistance is felt and the clutch hub is completely bottomed into the basket. Be careful not to go beyond your bottom. It is easy to damage or break the basket with the force of a press. Especially a hydraulic press.

No Drag

Inspect the bearing for any drag, or rough feel. When pressed correctly, the bearing should feel as smooth as when you removed it from it’s original package. Finally, install the retaining ring into its correct groove on the hub extension. If the retaining ring does not have a tapered side, or it is difficult to tell what side is tapered, you should install the side that has a sharp/sharper edge, down, or facing the bearing.

Our Barnett Scorpion clutch assembly is almost complete. Now we are ready to reassemble our Harley drive and assemble our clutch pack.