Take a Ride – French Quarter to Galveston

Duration: 3:41

Ride and Rally with Fix My Hog dodging the thunderstorms and loving the ride from New Orleans to Galveston.

The original route was 374 miles from the French Quarter in New Orleans to Galveston along I-10 for a total of six hours and twenty five minutes. I knew that with weather stops it would take much longer. Normally, I prefer to stay off main freeways as much as possible as they tend to look the same, with the same gas stations that have the same chain fast food but considering the weather and distance to travel, I opted to take the freeway.

The evening prior to the ride I was imbibing at a local watering hole off St. Peter Street and was warned by a New Orleans local that Baton Rouge traffic was terrible and if I could, get off I-10 at Hwy 30 before Baton Rouge and I could hop the river on the Plaquemine Ferry for one dollar. It would only add a small amount of time to the trip, stay out of traffic and I had never taken a bike on a ferry before. Seeing that bad weather was pushed back a day, I was all about this.

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