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Harley-Davidson Front Fender Removal

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Prep For Fork Fluid

When performing a fork oil change on your 103 FLH, you will need to remove your front fender. Take great care when handling a finished, painted component from your motorcycle. Always have a second set of hands and a game plan.

Remove Wires

Begin by chasing and unplugging your Harley-Davidson front fender tip lamp. The plug is located inside your fairing, but can sometimes be accessed without removing the outer fairing. Neatly wrap up the length of wire for ease of handling.

Caution: Sharp Edge

With the front wheel already removed from the motorcycle, begin loosening the four fender retaining bolts. Have your second set of hands ready to help hold and support the fender. Note: the bottom edges of your slider covers (or bells) are very sharp. Focus on keeping the Harley-Davidson front fender away from these edges. Use painters tape on these edges if you are not confident that they will be avoided. Also, use painters tape on the fender wherever deemed necessary. When all of the hardware is removed, slowly drop the fender downward and forward, away from the lower legs. Place the fender in a safe area and cover it with a blanket or towels.

Do It Right

Harley-Davidson front fender removal is not something that should have to be done often. It may be some time before a rider establishes enough mileage for a fork oil change to be deemed necessary. Other reasons to remove the front fender are: fork seal replacement, paint repair, upgrade of suspension, or chrome lower legs. The removal of a painted component may feel like a daunting task, but it does not need to be. Take your time. Review this video. Make a game plan and if needed you will be able to remove and install your fender many times with perfect end result.

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