Harley Front Forks Removal

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In this video Bob gives us a clear view of Harley front forks removal on the Rushmore Twin Cam 103 Ultra. It is unnecessary to remove your ignition switch knob and the rear dash panel but Bob takes the time to remove these items for a good, clear view of the area for demonstration.

Ignition Knob

If you are removing your ignition knob, Insert your key and turn to the fork lock position. With a small screwdriver, press up on the small, spring loaded, tab on the bottom of the knob and turn the key counter clockwise 60 degrees. Now you can release the knob up and out of the switch.

Fairing Panel

Removing the rear fairing panel is simple. Remove the two torx screws from the panel and unplug the left and right side toggle switches. Now you can carefully slide the panel up and away from the inner fairing.


Have your second set of hands hold the front end, full left, or full right (depending on which one of the Harley front forks you are working on) and hold the fork that is being removed. Evenly, loosen the three pinch bolts and slide the fork tube down and out of the trees. Now you can drain the old fork oil and replace with fresh fluid. You will need to remove your forks every time you service them.

Other reasons for fork removal are:

  • Replacing Harley front forks seals/bushings/springs
  • Replacing/changing lower legs
  • Replacing/changing bells
  • Replacing neck bearings
  • Fork fluid is often neglected on touring models. Many riders find the service to be intimidating because it is labor intensive. After reviewing this video you will be less anxious to have your forks in your hands as you walk over to your workbench.

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