S & S Super E Installation

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Duration: 25:38

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An S & S Super E carburetor is an excellent upgrade to any carbureted Harley Davidson.

This S & S Super E carburetor is not only a noticeable performance upgrade but when combined with the S & S Muscle Air Cleaner assembly, the assembly also looks amazing.

In this video, Tommy installs a black S & S Super E carburetor onto our Sportster. The carburetor comes completely assembled. Additional size pilot and main jets are provided for fine tuning to your specific air cleaner, exhaust, motor combination. The S & S Super E carburetor also comes with two different size throttle cable standoffs. The short standoff is for using S & S or custom throttle cables. The taller stand off is for using stock, or stock replacement throttle cables.

An S&S Super E carburetor can only be mounted to an S&S intake manifold. The stock Harley Davidson intake manifold will not work. The carburetor can be ordered complete with intake and the classic S&S air cleaner assembly. Or, you can order the carburetor without the classic S&S air cleaner assembly and purchase a different model S&S air cleaner.

The intake manifold flanges are stamped “F” & “R” (front & rear). If they are installed backward, it will be impossible to align the assembly. Install the intake flanges and seals over each end of the intake manifold. Then, mount to the front & rear heads of the motorcycle with stock hardware. As always, it is important to tighten the hardware evenly before torquing to spec.

Before mounting the carburetor, install the correct throttle cable standoff. This is also a good time to change pilot & main jets if needed. The carburetor is mounted to the manifold with two large Allen bolts. A fiber isolator block is sandwiched between. Once the carburetor is mounted, the throttle cables can be attached and properly adjusted.

Next, the choke assembly is assembled onto the back of the air cleaner backing plate. The backing plate is secured with blue Loctite before adding the air cleaner element and outer cover.
The S & S Super E carburetor mixture, idle, and accelerator pump settings should be fine tuned before riding.

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