Harley-Davidson® Oil Cooler Installation

Duration: 58:18

My wife and I love our new ride! Just have one question; why does it run so darn hot?

Over the last 110 years Harley-Davidson motors have been getting bigger and bigger to create more power and with that comes more heat. Extreme engine heat can be generated when our air-cooled Harley ends up in a day of traffic or even on the road during the summer.


One solution is to add a heat exchanger or oil cooler. This simple system will take the oil away from the engine, run it through a series of coils, and with the help of a fan, it will cool the oil before returning it on its’ route through the oil filter. Many systems even have a thermostat that allows the fan to kick on at a set temperature of about 220 degrees.

In this video, Bob and Mark walk you through a Harley Davidson oil cooler installation step by step. They show you all the mounting, plumbing, and even the placement of a “System On” LED.

Sit back grab a cool one and get ready to cool your Hog.

This Video Covers:

  • Intro
    Product & Tools
  • LED Install
  • Oil Filter Removal & Oil Adapter Install
  • Oil Cooler Mount Install
  • Oil Cooler Install
  • Oil Line Install
  • Thermal Switch & LED wiring
  • Oil Filter Install
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2 Responses to “Harley-Davidson® Oil Cooler Installation”
  1. Dennis Santopietro
    Dennis Santopietro

    I have owned and rode sportsters since 1979 I found the best way to keep one running cooler is to use the Dyna filter on 1985 -2003 it is twice as long wich lets you hold about 3 and a half quarts instead of 3 and keeps the bike running cooler over the life of the bike this will almost double the miles you can ride and every body should like that looks a lot better with the longer chrome filter also. From Ira F.

  2. Brian

    Excellent video!…..👍….. I like to use the shrink wrap butt connectors.

    Saves me one step.