Clymer Manuals for Harley-Davidsons

Duration: 4:47

Like tools in your tool box, Clymer Manuals are a must have. We searched high and low for a good deal on a Sportster for our Cafe Racer Build. We found a low mileage, almost stock Harley-Davidson for a good price. Our video series shows that with a budget and a plan you can customize it to your style.

During our search we used Clymer Manuals to help us know what we were getting into when looking at various years and models. We looked at Sportsters from 2000 – 2015 that came up for sale. Harley made several changes over the years and it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you buy. We used Clymer Manuals online during our search and once we found an XL that fit our budget we purchased the hardcopy Clymer Manual for our Harley-Davidson.

It’s a little different when you buy a used Harley. You do not really know what a previous owner did until you tear into it. One thing that many Harley-Davidson owners tinker with is the electrical. Depending on their skill level you might find an OEM looking wiring harness or one that looks like the rats made a nest. Having the electrical diagrams is invaluable and Clymer Manuals provide them in color.

Make sure to pick up your Clymer Manuals today.

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