FMH LIVE: Carburetors!

Duration: 37:48

Carburetors… We either love em or hate em, right? Well, there’s a mountain of benefits to having your carburetor correctly jetted, tuned and dialed in for optimal performance on your hog and it all starts with knowing what to do and look for on them.

Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal reviews a 2000 HD XLC OEM carburetor and dials in our S&S carb for our Cafe Racer project. Catch this month’s live event to learn more about constant velocity (CV) carburetor parts, internal working, and things to keep an eye on while servicing and jumping into a modern S&S Shorty carburetor tuning. Tommy will make sure you’re grabbing all that air and fuel to produce the biggest BANG!

Several Hours on Carburetor Rebuild, Jetting and More can be seen here. Make sure to watch our Harley Cafe Racer Build here.

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