Forward Controls / Product Review

Duration: 5:01

Harley forward controls are one of the 1st upgrades riders ask for. We take a look at Factory Spec’s chrome forward control set.

Factory Spec forward controls available at Dennis Kirk:
Click Here for Factory Spec

Overview of Factory Spec Chrome Forward Control Set – 30-6050
* Chrome-plated complete forward control sets
* Both brake and shifter sides
* Include pegs, levers, linkage and all necessary hardware
NOTE: Will not fit with an engine guard, crash bar or 2-into-1 exhaust
Included Items:
(1) Brake pedal assembly
(1) Support bracket, right side
(1) Clevis, right foot peg
(1) Brake rod assembly
(4) Screw, socket head, 3/8in.-16 x 1 1/4in., support bracket
(2) Screw, Socket head 5/16in.-18 x 1 1/2in
(2) Retaining ring, clevis
(2) Retaining rings
(2) Pins
(1) Support bracket, left side
(1) Shift lever assembly
(1) Clevis, left foot peg
(1) Shift rod linkage
(1) Lever, shift arm shaft
(1) Screw, socket head, 5/16in.-18 x 7/8in, shift arm
(1) Screw, button head 5/16in-18 x 7/8in. front shift rod
(1) Screw, button head 5/16in-18 x 7/8in, rear shift rod
(1) Shift peg, o-ring style
(1) Foot peg, o-ring style

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