Harley 103 Battery and Seat Removal

Duration: 7:02

In this video, Bob goes through Harley seat and Harley battery removal on the 103, Twin Cooled, High Output, Rushmore bike.

You should begin every service or repair with Harley Battery removal and Harley seat removal. The most important part would be disconnecting the battery’s negative cable.

Off With the Seat

Harley seat removal is simple, but it is important to keep track of your hardware and store the seat in a safe place; away from anything sharp, or any chemicals/oils that can harm the seat.

When you open your right side saddlebag lid, you will see the Phillips screw that secures the seat strap. Remove this screw and then remove the Phillips screw at the rear of the seat. You will need to pull the seat up, and back to release it from the front mounting point.

Holding your hand over the rear seat mounting tab is good practice when sliding your seat back towards the tour pak. It is of utmost importance that your painted pieces remain unharmed. Also, be very careful when removing the rear Phillips screw. Use a few pieces of painter’s tape on your painted pieces whenever you are not confident.

Safety and Service

To disconnect the battery ground, or remove the battery completely, you will lift on the ECM and lay it aside.

At this point, you can access the battery ground cable; disconnect it, wrap it with electrical tape, and move on. Or, you can continue to remove the battery completely. Do this by simply removing the plastic ECM mounting plate/bracket. It is held in with, only, two bolts.

Then disconnect; 1st, the ground cable; then the positive. Do this with either a Phillips screwdriver, or a 10mm wrench, or 10mm socket.

Clean Up

Remember, when the seat is off, it is an ideal time to clean any road debris that has been collecting beneath your seat. Keeping your m/c clean is an important part of proper maintenance.

Just as you begin every service/repair by removing the seat and disconnecting the negative battery cable; you will complete every service/repair in the reverse. Remember to always reattach the negative cable after the positive cable. Disconnecting your battery is very important, for proper safety, when performing any type of service on your motorcycle.

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