Harley Davidson Rear Fender Removal

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In this video Bob and Mark walk us through Harley Davidson rear fender removal. Whenever you are handling painted components, you should be working with a second set of hands. It is important to use painters tape to protect any areas of the fender that may make contact another surface. Also, never begin disassembly without having a definitive game plan. Know what you are going to do before you do it. Reference your factory service manual to aid you in planning the specific steps necessary to remove the component. Have a safe place prepared where you can set the fender after it is removed from the motorcycle.

It is best to remove a Harley Davidson rear fender as a complete assembly. Unplug any wiring. If your motorcycle has an ECM, remove the plastic pin that retains the plastic pocket. This should stay with the motorcycle. Fender hardware will vary depending on year, make, and model but disassembly is typically the same. Loosen and then remove the hardware located in the first and second allocations of your left and right side struts. Always note hardware orientation and location. Temporarily support the fender with 2 long screwdrivers or rods. Remove the hardware that mounts the struts to the frame, then you can carefully remove your two screwdrivers and slide the fender back until it is free and clear of the motorcycle. Set the Harley Davidson rear fender on a clean, soft surface. Now you can strip the entire fender if necessary.

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