Harley Fuel Tank Install

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Removing and installing the Harley fuel tank on touring models became much easier some years ago with the elimination of the fuel crossover line. No longer do we need to deal with draining fuel, cutting hose clamps, using hose pinching pliers, and generally getting gas everywhere.

Begin the Harley fuel tank re-installation by setting the fuel tank back onto the backbone of the M8 frame. Loosely install the two front tank fasteners. Secure the rear of the Harley fuel tank to the frame backbone with two screws and torque to 15-20 foot pounds. Install the plastic trim cover over the rear fuel tank bracket.

Now, move back to the front of the Harley fuel tank and torque the two front fasteners to the same 15-20 foot pound torque spec. Install the left and right side rubber caps back over the front tank hardware. Before inserting the quick connect fuel line back into the tank fitting, be sure to lube it with silicone spray or a light coating of a mild lubricant. Push upward on the bottom of the fitting while pulling downward on the chrome sleeve. Before moving on, tug on the fuel line fitting to verify that the connection is locked and secure.

Next, it is important to correctly orientate and route the fuel vapor vent tube, the fuel overflow hose, and the fuel level sender/fuel pump harness. Plug in the harness. Remove the fuel cap and carefully place the console into position on the fuel tank. Before installing securing hardware, verify once more that the wiring harness and vent lines are not pinched in any way. Install the screws that secure the console to the Harley fuel tank.

Use a 5/32 long ball allen to access the front screw and torque both screws to 20-30 inch pounds. Reinstall the filler cap. Before closing the fuel door and moving on, remember that now is a good time to lubricate the fuel door hinge.

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