M8 Harley Touring Steering Head Bearing Adjustment

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Duration: 5:26

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Mike walks us through the steps for performing Harley touring steering head bearing adjustment on Milwaukee Eight fork mounted fairing models. The procedure is identical for all versions of the Street Glide, Ultra Limited, Electra Glide, and Tri-Glide models.

As always, with this Harley touring steering head bearing adjustment, the factory service manual will instruct you to be more involved with measurements to reference and aid in setting the final adjustment. However, whether you follow the service manual’s instructions or not, it is most important to develop a feel for the correct Harley touring steering head bearing adjustment. The absolute best way to gauge proper adjustment is by simply riding the motorcycle. Lifting the front wheel off the ground and inspecting fall away is also important to see if the front end is too loose or too tight.

The process for making this adjustment is now easier than ever before. Thankfully, we no longer have to dismantle half of the fairing assembly in order to access a steering stem nut positioned above the top of the triple tree or to access the two pinch bolts located on the front of the lower tree.

There is also no longer a need to configure a long screwdriver or punch to reach the spanner nut below the top tree in order to change the adjustment. After lifting the front wheel, the only component that needs to be removed is the outer fairing. Use a 5/16″ Allen wrench to access and loosen the pinch bolt located in the top tree. After that, use a six inch long, 1/4″ drive extension and fit it into the allocation located on the bottom of the lower tree.

Now, turn clockwise to tighten the steering head bearing adjustment and turn counter clockwise to loosen the adjustment. When you feel like the adjustment is correct, re-tighten the pinch bolt.

If it is daytime and you have a safe area, a test ride can be taken before re-installing the outer fairing. This way, another adjustment can be made quickly and easily.

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