Passing Lamp Alignment

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Passing lamp and headlight alignment is not all about looking pretty. We might want everything straight and symmetrical on our Harley’s but that’s not always best for safety and rideability. Bob reviews the proper light alignment and why your friends might not know what’s best.

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11 Responses to “Passing Lamp Alignment”
  1. Bruce "Dungy" Dunbar

    Bob LaRosa makes maintenance more fun than a chore….I love this guy. Even though I have always been “Mechanically Inclined”, Bob always seems to come up with a new twist or an ‘a-ha’ that makes the job easier…keep up the good work.

  2. Dave Marzola

    Thanks Bob is there a proper measurement from a wall to the bike and how high up the wall the light beam should be

    • FixMyHog

      Hi Dave – section 1.21 of the manual I’m looking at says move m/c so it’s 25 ft away from wall, m/c straight up, draw horizontal line on the wall that is exactly the same height above the floor as the headlamp horizontal center-line, now draw a vertical line through the horizontal line that corresponds to the headlamp vertical center-line. Have someone of the same weight sit on the m/c. Turn on ign and set light switch to high beam – verify alignment – check the light beam for proper vertical alignment, the center of the main beam should be even with the horizontal line on the wall, check the light beam for proper horizontal alignment, the main beam should project an equal area of light to the right and left of the vertical line on the wall.

      Adjust if necessary

      • Dave Marzola

        Thank you so much I don’t know how I missed this in my manual but it’s going to help me big time thanks again

  3. Len Siciliano

    Hey, I kinda like that little rap idea in adjusting the side lamps, quick easy fix, thanks!

  4. Ken Zanon

    nice video but my 2014 ultra classic says the passing lights can not be adjusted in owners manual. I am not crazy about the LED lighting on my bike the lighting on my 2007 road king seamed better


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