Sportster Front End Installation Part 1

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Duration: 47:41

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Tommy is ready to begin assembly of the Sportster front end on our Harley Cafe Racer project. The stock, Sportster front end, lower sliders have been powder coated and the fork tube assemblies have been completely rebuilt with new upper and lower bushings and fork seals. A Burly lowering kit is installed to lower our front end by one inch. The kit may be, more commonly, installed during the fork rebuilding process. However, Tommy demonstrates how to install the lowering kit without separating the fork tube and slider. Either process is acceptable. It depends on the situation or condition of the fork assemblies that are being used.

The Burly lowering kit comes with new springs, damper springs & damper spacers. The kit allows for a one or two inch drop in the front end. Lowering is achieved by spacing the damper tube further up into the fork tube (1 inch). In turn, the lower slider is also positioned one inch further up on the fork tube.

New neck bearings are packed with fresh grease. A new, chrome dust shield is placed on the lower tree, followed by a new bearing which is pressed into its final position on the stem. The upper and lower trees are installed onto the neck with a new upper bearing and dust shield.

New poly handlebar riser bushings have also been pressed into the top tree. The assembled left and right side fork tube assemblies are also put into place and pinch bolts are temporarily tightened. Final neck bearing adjustment will be addressed later, when the front end is fully assembled with a wheel, caliper, handlebars, etc.

The stock front rotor has been powered coated. The rotor bolts are prepped with thread sealant and then torqued to factory spec. Once the front wheel and caliper are installed, Tommy installs the front fender that was customized and painted black.

Tommy secures the front wheel in the vise of the lift and prepares to assemble the headlight, handlebar risers, and handlebars in the Sportster front end.

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