Sportster Front End Installation Part 2

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Duration: 55:16

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We are moving right along with our Sportster Cafe Racer build. Before getting back into the front end, Tommy takes the time to install the powder coated regulator cover as well as the stock horn which has been relocated from the left side of the motorcycle to the front of the motorcycle. It was necessary to extend the two horn wires for this new, forward location.

The cafe racer handlebar is assembled with new, chrome, Performance Machine controls and black Roland Sands hand grips. After extending the cafe racer handlebar control wires, the wires were neatly routed through the bars. Tommy has installed new, poly handlebar riser bushings. The handlebars and risers are mounted and torqued to factory spec along with a new Dakota Digital speedometer (multi-function) gauge.

Next, our headlamp assembly is assembled on the bench and then mounted on the lower tree of the motorcycle with a mounting block. The cafe racer handlebar harnesses are plugged in and the corresponding plugs are secured to the stock plate which fits neatly between the handlebar risers. The area has a complete, finished look after the front and rear covers are installed. This is a design that is only seen on some Sportster models.

Finally, Tommy fits the cables to the front end of this motorcycle. The clutch cable had already been installed onto the primary drive. The cable is neatly routed, in the most relaxed route possible, up to the left side cafe racer handlebar. Brake line fittings are installed at the front master cylinder and at the front caliper. The brake line is then neatly routed in between. Throttle cables are snapped into the right side control and hooked up to the throttle grip. The cables are routed in a manner that not only looks good, but is also fully functional and, most importantly, safe.

Next, we are looking forward to opening up our new Super E carburetor from S&S!!!

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