Sportster Primary Drive and Clutch Install

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Duration: 30:16

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We removed the outer Sportster primary drive cover to have it powered coated. Before reinstalling the Sportster primary drive, we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to install another Barnett Scorpion clutch assembly and Barnett clutch cable.

Please watch our 90 Minute Barnett Scorpion Clutch, step-by-step, 5-part install series before you attempt to install your own.

Click here for Part 1:

Harley-Davidson® Clutch Removal on a Sportster

Barnett clutches are always our go to for clutches on every Harley Davidson model. The Barnett clutch greatly increases clutch capacity. It provides smoother shifting but with a more aggressive clutch engagement. The Scorpion clutch assembly comes with 3 different spring sizes making clutch spring pressure adjustable.

The stock clutch hub and bearing were pressed out and replaced with the supplied Barnett clutch hub and a new Harley Davidson OE clutch hub bearing. The Sportster primary drive is reinstalled and torqued to factory specs. The fiber clutch plates are pre-soaked in oil for 10 minutes. After soaking, excess oil was wiped off with a clean, lint free cloth prior to installation. Clutch plates are installed into the clutch basket and capped with a billet pressure plate. The pressure plate is secured with six springs & allen head screws which are tightened evenly and torqued to 5 ft lbs.

A new, steel braided clutch cable is threaded into the outer primary cover. The primary chain adjuster assembly and a new shift shaft seal are also installed prior to installation of the outer Sportster primary drive cover. The outer primary cover is installed over a new James gasket and torqued to factory spec.

Watch more in-depth, Barnett Scorpion clutch installations on Fix My Hog before you install yours.

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