Sportster Rear Fender and Swingarm Removal

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Duration: 30:47

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Our Sportster rear fender removal will keep us moving right along with the disassembly and planning of our cafe racer.

Tommy gets right to work by removing the sissy bar and luggage rack assembly. The rear strut and Sportster rear fender hardware can be difficult to access so Tommy takes a few extra minutes to lift the rear end of the bike with a flat jack and remove the rear shocks. With the swingarm no longer joined to the motorcycle’s frame, the Sportster rear fender can now be lifted high above the wheel, now making the rear fender hardware easily accessible. The rear struts are removed along with the rear turn signals and set aside. When the Sportster rear fender hardware is completely removed, the rear fender is lifted up and away from the motorcycle.

Next, the rear brake line is released from the rear caliper as well as the swingarm on the left side of the motorcycle. On the right side, the belt guard is removed. Tommy wants to remove the rear wheel, swingarm, and caliper as a complete sub-assembly. He begins by loosening the axle. In order to loosen the rear axle castle nut, a cotter pin needs to be removed first. Once the rear axle is loosened, the rear axle adjusters are loosened and the drive belt is removed from both the front and rear pulleys. The belt is set aside after noting direction. The axle pivot bolt is removed and the sub assembly is now free to roll away from the motorcycle.

With the motorcycle’s rear frame section fully exposed, Tommy follows Burly’s instructions for marking and cutting off the Sportster rear frame struts.

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