Sportster Swingarm and Lighting Install

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Tommy is ready to begin assembly of the rear end with the black powder coated Sportster swingarm. Prior to reinstalling the Sportster swingarm, the bearings need to be cleaned and re-packed. If bearings were in less than perfect condition, it is important to replace the bearings and races before proceeding. Tommy installs the freshly packed Sportster swingarm bearings with their corresponding dust shields. The pivot shaft is prepped with anti seize and is pushed through from the right side of the motorcycle. The shaft passes through the frame, bearings, dust shield, transmission case, and left side spacer and is torqued to factory spec.

13.5″, black, Progressive Suspension shocks are mounted and torqued to spec. We made some mounts for the Kuryakyn LED signal lights and added to the top mounting points.

We have a new 16″ Dunlop tire that is mounted onto our new spoke rim. A freshly powder coated pulley is installed onto the rim and torqued to factory spec. The rear wheel is mounted to the Sportster swingarm with its corresponding spacers and rear caliper assembly. Before the axle is tightened, the axle adjusters are adjusted properly to achieve correct belt tension as well as belt tracking.

Then, the axle is torqued to spec and a final inspection is performed for the belt tracking. At this point, if the belt tension changes or the belt tracking is incorrect, the axle should be loosened so that proper adjustments can be made.

The rear brake line is hooked up to the rear caliper with two new banjo washers and is torqued to spec.

Tommy assembles the TC Bros. tail light assembly and mounts it to the lower shock mounting point on the right side. The shock hardware is torqued to spec and the wiring harness is safely routed up towards the frame area behind the oil tank.

The Kuryakyn LED signals are mounted to their brackets near the top of each shock. These wires are also neatly routed to the area behind the oil tank. The TC Bros. tail light and signal light wiring is joined with the motorcycle’s main wiring harness. There are a number of ways that the wiring can be completed. It is very important that the wiring has secure connections and that it is safely routed.

Next, we will be moving on to install our new exhaust system.

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