Cam Chain to S&S Gear Drive Cam Kit Conversion Wrap-Up

Duration: 4:40

A gear drive or hydraulic cam chain tensioner upgrade is an excellent upgrade for any Twin Cam Harley Davidson. During this cam chain to S&S gear drive cam kit conversion, Mike has also upgraded lifters, cam support plate, pushrods, oil pump, and inner and outer cam bearings.

S&S Cycle has excellent tech support. Whether unsure of the correct part or confused about an instruction, S&S customer support is always quick to answer and they never make you feel like you are asking a dumb question about the S&S gear drive cam kit or any of their products.

During the life span of a Twin Cam motor, addressing the cam chest is inevitable. If you are interested in a S&S gear drive cam kit conversion, measure the pinion shaft run-out. If you are out of spec, the bottom end can come apart to be re-balanced & trued or you can opt for a hydraulic cam chain tensioner upgrade.

Either conversion is a major improvement to your Twin Cam motor.

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