Swingarm Sub-Assembly Disassembled

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Duration: 31:44

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We are moving forward with our frame change project. In this video, we focus on showing the swingarm sub-assembly disassembled. It is preferable to be able to work on complete sections of sub assembly of a motorcycle.

All aftermarket chrome covers are removed from the swingarm and axle.

*NOTE* Chrome covers can be damaging to frame areas and other components of your motorcycle. They often make it more difficult to service or work on your motorcycle. For a mechanic; they are often a complete nuisance as they slow down the job at hand. Be smart.

If you want a chrome swingarm, buy a chrome swingarm. If you want a chrome inner primary, buy a chrome inner primary. Don’t waste your time covering your hardware with chrome caps! If you want chrome hardware, purchase chrome hardware.

Also removed from our sub-assembly are upper and lower belt guards, axle adjusters, and the splash guard along with its two speed nuts. Bob is careful to set aside and keep everything organized, as many of these components will either be reused or simply used for reference.

After the axle is removed, the wheel can be rolled back, out of the swingarm along with the caliper, brake line and belt. Remember, it is very important to note the original running direction of the belt. It must rotate in the same direction if reusing. Although we are not reusing the original swingarm, Bob demonstrates removal of the swingarm spherical bearings. This is quite simple and only requires a socket, a ratchet extension, and a dead blow hammer.

Keep your project moving and follow along with our step-by-step video class as we put it all back together.