A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

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Bob reviews an easy way to have a clean Harley by washing away those big bug splatters on your windshield and faring.

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A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs

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4 Responses to “A Clean Harley Means Removing Bugs”
  1. George

    Paper towel roll? Never EVER use a paper towel product on ANY of the motorcycle surfaces. Wood does not make a good surface cleaner. The only place the roll of paper towels should be in a motorcycle shop is in the lunch room!

  2. trayne20

    I live and ride in Klamath Falls Oregon. We have a ton of bugs here in the summertime. I use a window washing mix called 20/10 bug off sold in the summertime about $3 a gallon. After my rides I either use an old towel soaked in the bug off or use a sprayer if coated with a lot of bugs. Let in soak in the shade and rinse off with water. Works well and does not hamper paint chrome or your hard earned wax job. I don’t know how many states 20/10 is sold it was created for the Northwest.

  3. JIM

    The best time to remove bugs is immediately after your ride. A spritzer of a waterless wash product & a couple microfibre cloths are the cats pajamas. In less than 5 minutes you’re good to go with no scratches whatsoever.


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