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Clean and Inspect M8 Harley Oil Cooler

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M8 Harley oil cooler inspection can be quick & easy, however it is not an inspection to simply breeze over. The inspection should not only cover the M8 Harley oil cooler, but also all oil lines and junctions associated with the Harley oil cooler assembly.

Riding conditions will typically dictate how dirty the Harley oil cooler will become between services. If your HD is often ridden on a dirt or gravel side road, you will pick up more airborne debris in the cooler’s fins. Or, if doing a lot of nighttime riding, the cooler will tend to grab a lot of bugs or insects that are airborne.

Do not use something forceful like a pressure washer or compressed air to clean the M8 Harley oil cooler. The excessive pressure can bend or warp the cooler’s fins. The best way to clean the oil cooler body is with soap & water and a soft nylon brush.

Inspect or clean the Harley oil cooler at every service or even as part of a pre-ride inspection.

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