FMH Interview with Kevin Baas

Duration: 6:57

Kevin Baas sits down with us after shooting the Knucklehead video series, and we get to know more about him and his love for the older Harley-Davidsons.

Kevin Baas is a teacher at the STEM program at Lakeville North High School and has had several of his motorcycles featured in magazines, TV shows, motorcycle shows and more. His student builds have won shows around the country. He and his family ride “older” motorcycles and if you decide to do that you should know how they work and how to work on them.

We are excited Kevin Baas is here on Fix My Hog to share his experience with us. His first series, “Knucklehead Frame Swap” is posting here on FMH. Kevin Baas also welcomed us back into his shop to shoot Panhead services videos and a Panhead custom build.

Learn more about Kevin Baas here and make sure to check out the videos he has worked on with us.

More about Kevin and his websites and companies here:

Baas Metal Craft

Vintage Bike Addiction

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One Response to “FMH Interview with Kevin Baas”

    So cool! Looking forward to watching the knuckle videos! Panheads and iron heads too!! love FMH