S&S Quickee Pushrods, Lifters, Cuffs Install

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Duration: 47:57

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Mike has the cam chest completely assembled. He is now ready to move forward and install the S&S lifters and S&S Quickee pushrods. The lifters have a side oil passage. It does not matter if the passage faces in or out. However, if lifters are being re-used, it is important that they are returned to their original locations and positions so that the lifter rollers continue to spin in the same direction. Also, although side oil passage locations do not matter with new S&S lifters M8, it is good mechanical practice to have all four facing the same direction or pattern. Mike lubricates the new lifters inside and out prior to setting them into the crankcase.

The S&S billet lifter cuffs are installed next. There is a designated front and rear cuff. A .002″ feeler gauge is used to set correct clearance when tightening the cuff hardware as it is tightened to 100 inch pounds. The motor is turned over by hand to verify correct movement and fitment. Lifter covers & gaskets can only be installed one way. There are designated front and rear covers. Mike installs the covers and torques them to the S&S spec of 140 inch pounds.

Mike shows us the difference between the original and the S&S Quickee pushrods cover as he demonstrates how to assemble the covers. He also takes the time to explain how the S&S Quickee pushrods function and shows how to correctly adjust.

With all four S&S Quickee pushrods adjusted, the pushrod covers are secured and the cam cover is installed. Cam cover screws are tightened in a sequence per the Harley-Davidson factory service manual and torqued to the factory spec of 120 inch pounds.

Mike will wrap up this job by installing the air cleaner assembly, the exhaust system, spark plugs, and the motorcycle’s main fuse. Before starting, the motorcycle will be properly tuned with Power Vision software. There is no required break-in procedure or break-in time period for this bolt in upgrade. Once the oil level is set, the bike can be put to the test or even Dyno tuned.