Harley Tappet Oil Screen Cleaning

Duration: 8:32

Here’s an Evolution Engine (late 1984 – 1999) service that goes overlooked.
We can not say it enough: it’s a critical area – no not cross thread!

Start by cover areas you will work over.

We used a 3/8″ Drive 11/16″ Blade Width Drag Link Socket, Snap On Part #GF22, on a ratchet. Find the correct plug above the crank case(consult your manual).

Remove plug and o-ring. Use a magnet and remove spring and screen out of case. Note direction and location, take photos if you have to.

Clean components and note of any metallic debris. There should not be any debris.

With all components, including the plug cleaned. Install with new o-ring.

Once again – do not cross threads!

Torque to your factory spec.

Take your time and do it right. The Harley tappet oil screen is in the crankcase so do not cross threads.

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5 Responses to “Harley Tappet Oil Screen Cleaning”
  1. Donald Redig Jr.
    Donald Redig Jr.

    Hello, First Off Let Me Say That I Really Appreciate You & What You Are Showing To The Real Bikers Who Are Really Interested In Knowing How To Work On Our Own Hogs! The Fact That You Are Cool & You Give Us This Informetion For Free! that Speaks For Itself! I’m Just A Old Retired BANDIDO Here In Conroe, Texas! I Just Wanted To Touch Base With You, & THANK YOU From The Bottom Of My Heart For Being Real! You Don’t Know How Many Times That I Went To The Local Harley Shop Only To Be Told That We Don’t Work On CUSTOMS! I’m Like WHAT!!!!! Man What Happened To Brother Helping Another Brother Out? Well I Found Out Pretty Quick That Some Bikers Just Simply Don’t Help Another Biker Out! Anyway That Is Why I Tell You Now That I Really Appreciate What Your Doing For Us REAL BIKERS!!! You Can Contact Me At Ph. #936-520-6751. Well I’ve Kept You Long Enough, ADIOS, AMIGO,& GRACIAS!!! BFFB KNUCKLEHEAD NOMAD. RETIRED IN GOOD STANDING!!!

  2. mark lewis
    mark lewis

    Bob, you might spent a little time explaining that drag-link bit you used to remove/torque tappet/spring plug. practice showed me that large bit
    slotted screw driver doesn’t work; only galls the slot. need that drag-link bit & at precisely the full slot length/width. seems like it’s 1/16 x 9/16 in wd. mine’s a Craftsman 9/16, p/n G44511 found online. you also need it for your shovelheads. some of us are into the oldies & goodies.

  3. Dennis Santopietro
    Dennis Santopietro

    Q: 1981 FXE. Every now and then when I start the bike oil comes out of the crankcase breather tube maybe about a 1/2 quart. Plenty of oil pressure I don’t suspect the oil pump. Can you tell me what I can do for this.

    A: You can use an 11/16″ drag link to remove the plug near the rear tappet block in the crank case. Clean the screen & check ball. You can stretch the spring 1/4″ longer. It may help. Problem persists or ever gets worse, replace oil pump with S&S pump.