Cafe Racer Gas Tank Install and Start

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Duration: 44:30

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Before we put on the Cafe Racer gas tank we take a look at our build. Our Sportster now Harley Cafe Racer has come a long way since Tommy first rolled it into the shop. Not only has it gone through a drastic physical transformation, but it has also gained some serious performance upgrades. You’ve been following along with the bike’s progression, and watched us address everything from custom handlebars from Fifth Street Customs with Performance Machine controls, S&S carburetor, Barnett Scorpion clutch, TC Bros products and many others.

In this video, things are really coming together. Tommy preps the gas tank for final installation. The petcock, rubber grommets, and fuel hose are installed and the fuel tank is mounted over the Sportster’s backbone. When routing the fuel line between the cylinders it is important to choose the most natural and direct routing with no sharp bends. If the hose is in danger of rubbing against a cylinder fin or another component, be sure to slide a length of protective conduit over the hose.

The throttle cables(looks like we will switch to 90 deg cables from Barnett) and clutch cable are adjusted. Front and rear brakes are bled and the left side TC Brothers shift control assembly is installed.

Last but not least, a new, fully charged, Yuasa battery is secured behind freshly powder coated front and top battery covers. All electrical functions are tested after the battery installation.

And finally; with all fluids topped off and fuel in the cafe racer gas tank, the petcock is turned on. The choke is engaged half way. The ignition switch is turned on, and the start button is depressed. Our custom Sportster Cafe Racer comes to life with a nice deep sound from the Bassani Xhaust.

Before shifting into 1st and blasting down the road, there are a few very important things that will be checked. You will need to go back to basics and make sure:

Motor oil level (hot).
Handlebar, handlebar control & cable clearance to the Cafe Racer gas tank when turning handlebars full left and full right. We are switching to 90 degree throttle cables.
Throttle function and smooth throttle return when turning handlebars.
Carburetor mixture, accelerator pump, and idle (set hot idle).
Clutch engagement and disengagement is also checked.
It should be easy to shift into neutral and the bike should never creep forward when running with the clutch pulled in.
When riding for the first time, we will be gauging the front end and neck adjustment. If the neck feels loose or tight, it will be re-adjusted.
Strong brake levers, front and rear.

After our first ride, it is important to inspect the motorcycle closely.
Go around with wrenches and verify tightness of all major fasteners.
Also, look around for possible leaks that may have developed.

We are looking forward to pounding around on this Sportster Cafe Racer.

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Important Final Check Videos:
Know the basics from fluids, brake bleeding, fall away, safety check and more.

Wrap-up Video for the Harley Cafe Racer Build can be seen Here.